Welcome to this website

where you can discover all unregistered vehicles found in department 68 by the police services and partner municipalities.

Identify and repossess your found vehicle

The website allows for the uploading of images of objects discovered by the police services of the department and partner municipalities, making them accessible to the public.

You can find on this site :

  • Bike of all types
  • unregistered motorized two-wheelers
  • electric scooter or scooter
  • Overboard
  • segway
  • one wheeler
  • any other unregistered vehicle
How ?


Recover your property in 3 steps

I identify

based on regularly updated photographs

I contact

the discoverer service directly using the contact details on the site

I get my belongings back

by presenting a copy of your complaint and/or a copy of your purchase invoice





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Site partners.

Here you will find the list of partners who play an essential role in the communication or dissemination of information concerning recently discovered objects.


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Contact our services for any question concerning found unregistered vehicle, using the contact details below or the sending form.

Location :

Commissariat central de police
43, rue de la Mertzau, 68092 Mulhouse

Phone :

03 89 56 88 00

To respect your privacy, please note that all data entered into this form is used solely for the purpose of contact and will not be recorded or stored.

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